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Nickolas Chkheidze - President

September 22, 2012

Medical doctor by training and vocation, Mr. Nickolas Chkheidze has always been conditioned to provide help, no matter the circumstances and whether there was a medical case or not. These personal qualities, as well as great organizational skills that he displayed, made Mr. Chkheidze a perfect candidate to spearhead the New York Georgian community movement in 2003 and to stay its leader throughout the years. The community organization “Tvistomi” that he has built is associated today with the entire American Georgian diaspora and its critical issues and aspirations. It's impossible to list in this brief paragraph all the completed or ongoing projects, programs, events, and initiatives that have been launched and successfully accomplished with Nickolas' personal and deep involvement and supervision, whether these were the ones under “Tvistomi” label or beside it. As the network around Tvistomi grows, Nickolas seems to handle the proceedings even better, remaining thus the best person for the job. His democratic and liberal style of management is very effective and a joy for the rest of us.