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Koba Bogdanovi - Projects Coordinator

September 22, 2012

True enthusiast of the Georgian emigration causes, Mr. Bogdanov has contributed an ample effort to the causes not only through the organization member of which he has been from the day of its founding, but also through his private initiatives. Despite of his proverbial veracity, Koba's modest personality doesn't make for self-promotion of course, so most of his private fine deeds remain known only to a very limited circle of people. What doesn't go unnoticed, however, is Koba's services to the organization which he provides with unprecedented vigor, energy, professionalism, and thoughtfulness. By applying his long-time experience of managing small business enterprises he has become an irreplaceable field manager and project operator for Tvistomi Association. It is safe to say that literally every project, program, or event that the association has been running owes to Koba's masterful management. The rest of us in Tvistomi feel much comfortable and confident having a person like Mr. Bogdanov among the ranks, and believe that any thinkable future project can be launched and successfully fulfilled as long as we have his assistance.