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Nick Tsilosani - Media Coordinator

September 22, 2012

Even though a relative newcomer to the organization, Nick is a longtime advocate for the causes of Georgian emigration. He has been a founding or an active member of similar community organizations for years, starting from 1990 with the Moscow Georgian “Satvistomo” movement. Not a community organizer type by any means, Nick has rather been providing with his professional knowledge and expertise in organizational management and media relations, which he has accumulated a vast amount of while working as a business executive, a government official, and making television appearances as a host and otherwise at different periods of his professional life. In New York's “Tvistomi” Nick has taken up the task of building the organization's media outlet TvistomiMedia, including this website as part of the integrated media setup. TvistomiMedia is conceived as an online hub that will gather and distribute all information and community interaction currently happening at Tvistomi's social media pages and its offices in real time, some of which haven't been receiving sufficient or any media space so far. We believe that Nick's vision and professional experience is precisely what is needed for such a construct to successfully be set up.