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Georgian Community Organization in The United States

                                                501 c (3)


The mission of “Tvistomi Association” is to strengthen and support the Georgian-American Community in the United States by offering myriad of services and generating resources to provide educational, cultural, social and recreational programs for people of all ages. Similarly, we are dedicated assisting new Georgian immigrants to smoothly transition to unfamiliar environment and to easily adapt and integrate into the new culture and mainstream society. As a united voice of Georgian American Diaspora, we also advocating for our ethnic minority rights for our community members and their families.

Our mission two-fold.

First, we foster the bond among Georgian Americans in the US and encourage them to engage in the socio-political and cultural life of America while also maintaining ties to their homeland. We help them understand American current events, history, culture and values so that they can become more involved in their local political processes and have an informed voice in their collective future.

Secondly, we strengthen the relationship between the country of Georgia and the United States by fostering communication; promoting American policies, aspirations and values; and raising awareness of the positive role that the US plays in the development of the Georgian State.

As a not-for-profit legal entity registered in the United States, we accomplish the above by providing educational products; organizing events; working with US and Georgian government agencies, nonprofits and NGOs; and utilizing our Media Center to disseminate information through tools such as internet radio and TV, blogging and vlogging (video diaries).


Our vision is to facilitate improvement of economic capacity, education, social well-being and to create various cultural programs to eliminate cultural barriers and empower Georgian-Americans families to enhance their lives and grow with-in our community.

We envision that our efforts will result in Georgian Americans playing an increasingly vital role as they participate in community activities; that the bilateral cooperation between the US and the country of Georgia will remain strong; and that these ties will benefit both countries in terms of democracy, defense and security, economic, trade, and energy, and people-to-people and cultural exchanges.


  •   Involvement – We believe that citizen involvement in local activities and political processes help strengthen relationships and allow Georgian Americans to be fully embraced by the communities in which they live.

  •   Trust – The relationship between Georgia and the United States is based on bilateral trust. We depend on each other to reinforce our shared Republican values, and we work to preserve the strategic role we share on the world stage.

  •  Foresight – We never lose sight of the fact that we depend on the support and good will offered by the United States for our continued growth, and that every decision we make on a daily basis contributes to a stable future.

  •   Support – Our educational materials, blogs, vlogs, media, internet TV and events are practical ways that we can support our constituents on a daily basis.

  •  Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable to Georgian Americans living in the United States; to the citizens living in our country of Georgia; and to ourselves as an association with high values and integrity.

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